Council seals 25,000 illegal pharmaceutical establishments-Registrar


ABUJA- The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) has sealed off no less than 25,000 illegal pharmacy premises in eight years.

Dr. Elijah Mohamed, Registrar of the Council, made this known on the sidelines of his public presentation of his scorecard on Wednesday in Abuja.

Mohammed said the premises were sealed due to poor documentation, poor hygienic environment, failure to regularize paperwork and inappropriate and unethical behavior or conduct.

The Registrar said “The Dashboard is an account of my management as Registrar of the NCP from June 2014 to June 2022.

He further revealed that before his appointment eight years ago, there were 17 faculties of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in the country, however, eight years after, the number of faculties increased to 30, some will start in the coming months.

“The illegal pharmaceutical establishments that we have closed in the past eight years are more than 2,5000 across the federation.

“They were closed for various reasons, including poor hygienic environment, poor documentation, poor regularization of papers and inappropriate behavior in stores and premises,” he said.

Speaking on the achievements, he said that the NCP is responsible for monitoring and regulating the education, training and practice of pharmacy.

“In the field of education, we have been able to set up a new program which is the Doctor of Pharmacy which combines both the clinical and non-clinical concept of pharmacy practice.

“Before, the practice was product-driven, but now it’s patient-driven. This means that whether you are in the production, sale, distribution or distribution of medicines, the patient is the focus and what impact this will have on our patient and with this concern everyone sits now to ensure that whatever product comes out, the patient is paramount.

Mohammed further noted that some of the challenges the NCP has faced over the past eight years were human resources and infrastructure.

“We don’t have enough human resources, two; It’s an infrastructure, we don’t have enough vehicles to go around to monitor and enforce the application across the community,” he noted.

He however commended the regulatory agencies including NAFDAC, Nigeria Police and others for their cooperation and support over the years.

“The Federal Ministry of Health has been very wonderful in our operations. They gave us all the political support. The judiciary has also provided support in terms of the distribution of cases,” he said.

For his part, NCP Chair Prof. Ahmed Mora commended the outgoing Registrar for crafting the scorecard, saying his efforts to mobilize development partners to support the Council’s activities made a difference.

While describing Mohammed as a very lucky person, Professor Mora said: “One of the many things he has excelled as a registrar is his relationship with development partners.

“The capacity building programs initiated by these partners have been great. Indeed, development partners were to some extent deeply immersed in the implementation of Registry mandates.

“Today’s program, which has the full support of the Society for Family Health (SFH) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is one such laudable collaboration for which the Board is most grateful.” (NOPE)