Creation of a new international start-up to support pharmaceutical companies in the development of medical cannabis

The international company PQE Group announced at the end of October its first-ever start-up to provide support for medical cannabis.

PQE Group, an international life science consulting company, announced the creation of the world’s first start-up to support pharmaceutical companies in the development of medical cannabis in a recent press release (1). The start-up, called Glocal Quality Cannabis (GQC), will provide services such as engineering, GxP quality compliance, regulatory affairs, medical-scientific consulting, clinical studies and a GQC academy. According to their website (2), “PQE Group is a woman-owned ISO 9001 certified technology solutions and compliance consulting services company for the life sciences industry, providing deliverable global capabilities throughout the product quality life cycle.

In their press release (1), Gilda D’Incerti, CEO of the PQE group and founder and president of GQC, explained that this project represents a significant challenge for her, adding that she firmly believes in the therapeutic power of cannabis. “I wanted to support the field of research as well as the development and dissemination of medical cannabis through the creation of this new start-up,” said D’Incerti. “I have personally, and with great care, researched the professionals who make up the new GQC team: chemists, pharmacists, doctors and biologists who deal with the supply chain at three hundred and sixty degrees.

QGC will respond to market difficulties with fragmented legislation by locally applying “the highest international standards to always guarantee efficacy, safety and quality to the end patient” (1).

“I think medical cannabis should be treated the same as any other pharmaceutical product,” said Riccardo Salvagnini, Executive Vice President of GQC, at the start-up’s launch ceremony (1). “Our vision is to support the development of new therapies through data quality management by accelerating registration of cannabis products and reducing supply chain time to be faster for patients. Therefore, we want to provide effective technological solutions to medical cannabis products to accelerate our go-to-market strategy through a local approach but with a global mindset.