DeTech set to revolutionize the protection of cryogenic assets in IVF, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry with a patented solution

Leverage predictive analytics to maximize our patented sensor network

At another level of surveillance

At another level of surveillance

Tank levels at your fingertips

Tank levels at your fingertips

DeTech has developed the first cryogenic tank monitoring solution with fault tolerance down to the sensor level. It will revolutionize LN2 mobile asset protection.

We pride ourselves on providing the spirit of peace in the industry. Knowing about valuable eggs, embryos, specimens, and other irreplaceable research gets the best protection available with DeTech’s industry-first features.

— Mark Langley, CEO / Co-Founder

HEBRON, CONNECTICUT, USA, September 6, 2022 / — Liquid nitrogen is instrumental in preserving invaluable products and research. Existing conventional surveillance solutions are far from ideal. The industries on which DeTech has focused its solution have become painfully aware of this fact following the The 2018 incidents resulted in the tragic loss thousands of specimens and multiple trials. DeTech has developed a solution that will transform the way cryogenic storage assets are monitored and protected in the future. Using a range of proximity sensors, DeTech’s patented solution uses state-of-the-art technology that has resulted in our exclusive protection features:

* Industry’s first predictive analysis for LN2 consumption. (Watch your usage cost)
* Industry’s first application-based QR code container status view. (IOS and Android)
* Industry first, automated tank fill notification, email, SMS. (Gluing the contents of the tank is no longer necessary)
Provides ROI from day one of installation. (web-based ROI calculator)
* Industry first, automated tank fill audit trail reporting.
* First in the industry, audit of LN2 usage quantities per tank / monthly / annual consumption.
* Industry first, unauthorized extra weight alert notification of items placed on the tank. Prevents delayed recharge alerts.
* Real-time monitoring – cloud-based dashboard and app-based interface. (iOS and Android)
* 3-5 second latent fill mode – minimizes the risk of LN2 spillage causing thermal stress on the outside of the reservoirs and vacuum o-ring.
Minimize tank stress and optimize tank viability. Minimization of LN2 waste improving safety protocol.
* Industry’s first watchdog sensor level alert notification – provides local sensor-level audible alarms and the ability to integrate with any
existing BMS and/or monitored alarm systems to ensure notifications reach end users in the event of cloud communication loss.
* Up to 6 independent telemetry points. THAT’S TO SAY. exterior surface temperature, proximity humidity sensors with enhanced weight-based telemetry and

“Our solution not only meets the requirements of the College of American Pathologists protocol, but also provides additional layers of protection that no other product in the industry can provide. This is a first, and we are very proud to finally be able to offer consumers and laboratories the peace of mind that their precious eggs, embryos, specimens and other irreplaceable research samples demand. This is truly unparalleled protection,” said Mark Langley, CEO and co-founder of DeTech.

About DeTech: DeTech is a Connecticut-based cryogenic technology company that was founded by Mark and Ric Langley after two catastrophic storage containment failures in the IVF industry in 2018. Having extensive experience in this domain, the founders set out to identify the shortcomings that caused these failures and create a better asset protection system. Due to our unique patented solution and the projected growth of the LN2 industry, as shown in DeTech Market Watch seeks strategic alliances with leaders in the asset protection industry to keep pace with projected demand for our superior approach.

DeTech to Demonstrate its Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Monitoring Solution at the Advanced Study For Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Conference & Expo in Anaheim, CA, October 24-26 ~ Booth #1441

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A detailed view of our patented refill feature that eliminates the need to re-glue your tanks.