Famous pharmaceutical businessman Alberto Romers has died

Alberto Romers has died aged 95 And he is remembered for being the leader of one of the largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in the country, making him one of the richest men in Argentina with an estimated net worth of 2,200 million. of dollars.

Laboratorio Romers, his company, managed to expand into Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela thanks to the work of Alberto, who took control of the company in the 1960s after the death of his father. In turn, this company produced such well-known drugs as Compound Certal, Lotriol, Losacor, Amoxidal and Optamoxamong others.

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Alberto Romers became one of the richest men in the country thanks to his work in front of Laboratorio Romers, a company he had inherited from his father.

Romers’ company, which represents the development of drugs for cardiology, pediatrics, medical clinics, geriatrics and surgery, has five plants spread across Greater Buenos Aires and the capital and has a production capacity of 85 million drugs. units per year.

the fruit of your labor, Alberto Romers becomes one of the richest Argentines in the countryplace in the top 5 with him $2.2 billion in assetsAfter immigrating from Germany and settling in Argentina in 1921, his father Don Alberto J. Le proceeds from the profits of the company founded by Romers, which currently accounts for 13% of the local market.

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It should be noted that Alberto Romers and his mother, Candelaria Volter de Romers and brothers, created in 1975 Alberto J Romers Foundation In honor of the founder of the company. This unit allocates resources to promote the advancement of health sciences and to support research and development in medicine.

Alberto J. The Romers Foundation is synonymous with the organization of conferences, symposia, exhibitions and conferences on medical matters, the development, dissemination and publication of discoveries and the financing of projects by groups of universities, institutions and academies.

Alberto Romers and his sporty side

Beyond drugs, numbers and company, Alberto Romers was passionate about sail, a competitive sport based on sailing. He also had his own team with which he competed all over the world.

“azure”, as you named your tp52, was the deceased drug trafficker’s sailboat, which he used with his children, a team leader and captain, Guillermo Parada. This ship has led ten seasons on the TP52 circuit and won the 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019 editions, and the TP52 World Championship in 2012 and 2015.