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Recursion provides up-to-date guidance on starting clinical trials

SALT LAKE CITY, March 3, 2022 — Recursion (NASDAQ: RXRX) today provided updated guidance on starting clinical trials:

Recursion’s management team decided that conducting a dose optimization study in a sheep efficacy model of Tay Sachs disease is prudent and in the best interest of patients before enrolling infants in a phase 2 trial of REC-3599 in the ultra-rare indication infantile GM2 gangliosidosis. This decision will delay the start of the GM2 phase 2 trial by approximately 2 years.

The Recursion Phase 2 Trial REC-994 in cerebral cavernous malformation is on track and we plan to enroll the first patient in the coming weeks.

Phase 2 of the Recursion Phase 2/3 Adaptive Trial of
REC-2282 in neurofibromatosis type 2 is on track to register in the second trimester.

The Recursion Phase 2 Trial REC-4881 in familial adenomatous polyposis is expected to enroll the first patient in the second or potentially third quarter of 2022 due to difficulties in opening the site presented by the Covid-19 Omicron variant.

Preparations for Recursion’s Phase 1 study on REC-3964 in relapsing C. difficile colitis are on track and we expect to begin recruitment in the second half of 2022.

About recursion

Recursion is the clinical-stage biotechnology company industrializing drug discovery by decoding biology. Its mission is the Recursion Operating System, a platform built on diverse technologies that continuously extends one of the world’s largest proprietary biological and chemical datasets, the Recursion Data Universe. Recursion leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to distill from its dataset the Recursion Map, a collection of hundreds of billions of searchable inferences about biology and chemistry unconstrained by human bias. Commanding a massive experimental scale – up to millions of wet lab experiments per week – and a massive computational scale – owning and operating one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, Recursion unites technology, biology and chemistry to advance the future of medicine.

The company is proudly headquartered in Salt Lake City, where it is a founding member of BioHive, the Utah Life Sciences Industry Collective. Recursion also has offices in Toronto, Montreal and the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about www.Recursion.comor log on to Twitter and LinkedIn.

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