How AI/ML-Enabled Drug Discovery and Development Services Empower Pharmaceutical R&D

It typically takes 10-15 years and billions of dollars to bring a new drug to market, but less than 12% of drugs even make it into clinical development.

IQVIA’s drug discovery and development services provide solutions to minimize these barriers. The goal of our service offerings is to drive innovation in pharmaceutical R&D by focusing on accelerating drug design and development through the prediction of clinical trial success.

Quick fixes

With advances in high-throughput technologies and data management systems, there are now vast datasets to apply in the field of biomedicine to provide deeper insights needed to fail early and quickly, and then make informed decisions. based on evidence. Using IQVIA’s unparalleled data, our highly skilled machine learning engineers and data scientists produce solutions that shorten the development cycle.

These machine learning platforms and advanced AI models can do everything from generating new and stable molecular compounds to predicting the technical and regulatory success of a drug for a given indication. Drug discovery and development services uncover new opportunities for companies and help them adapt to challenges with speed, agility and confidence.

Drug discovery and development services include:

Molecular design and optimization

Computational methods rooted in deep learning are being leveraged to automate the process of molecular generation to both identify new targets and design new lead compounds. Targets are validated by identifying interactions early in the discovery process with the main target interaction and comparing with the research literature using natural language extraction (NLE). This innovative approach allows for greater productivity and shortens the time needed to identify potential new molecules to study or refine existing molecules.

Identification of biomarkers

Identifying the patients who would benefit the most from specialized treatments is transforming personalized medicine. AI-powered biomarker identification and validation supports R&D by identifying potential patients with prognostic and predictive markers to better profile patient subpopulations prior to trial initiation. Biomarkers include demographic, genetic, and clinical data points. Biomarkers of interest are identified and validated through innovative approaches, such as in-depth computational phenotyping, to facilitate patient stratification and increase knowledge of disease progression. Using patient subpopulations derived from biomarker identification can increase trial success while reducing enrollment times and costs.

Medication redirection

Repurposing approved drugs and those that have been proven safe in Phase I/II trials saves a tremendous amount of time and money in clinical development. By extracting existing and failing compounds, actives, and drugs for new uses, sponsors can focus only on the clinical trials portion of the approval process, shorten development times, and improve the likelihood of clinical trial success.

AI approaches used to maximize the value of existing drugs include literature mining using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning from bioinformatics data, and electronic medical record mining (DME) and complaints data.

We have built drug redirection in a way that it can look at the available chemical space – our approaches are disease and treatment independent. We can run pipelines for predictions of drug properties, drug interactions, drug targets, protein function, and protein-protein interactions. All with the goal of increasing the speed, accuracy and cost of conducting these processes.

Predicting Clinical Trial Success with IQVIA’s Asset Intelligence Tool

Validate drug assets in development using AI/ML-based technology that identifies predictions of the likelihood of technical and regulatory success for a given indication. IQVIA offers tremendous depth and breadth of data with predictions based on over 54,000 pathways, providing a snapshot of the entire clinical pipeline database.

Gain a competitive advantage by getting quick insights into which assets are approved, which ones will hit the market soon, and which ones may enter in the future. This information enables better business decisions to be made faster while minimizing the overall resources and costs required for investment efforts.

These innovative solutions help produce new drug designs, predict patient subpopulations for trial and protocol design, empower R&D teams with proven expertise, and optimize trial success. which can significantly reduce lead times and costs. IQVIA provides the global scale and expertise to uncover never-before-seen insights, make smarter decisions, and uncover new opportunities faster.

For more information on how to innovate for success, visit IQVIA’s Drug Discovery and Development Services.