MS SPHQ bans entry of pharmaceutical reps – Latest News – The Nation

QUETTA – The medical superintendent of Sandeman Quetta Provincial Hospital has banned pharmaceutical industry representatives from entering the government hospital, a document issued by the MS office said on Saturday.

“The ban on the entry of the medical representative of the pharmaceutical company has been taken in the best interests of patients coming from across the province for medical treatment and health facilities,” said Dr. Amin Khan Mandokhail, MS SPH Quetta . In accordance with complaints from various patients and the current situation of overcrowding from patients, the general public and DPOs, the emergency department and other departments/units, this difficult decision has been made.

Justifying the decision, MS further noted that there are a large number of companies whose representatives are seen walking around the wards and different sections of the hospital for the introduction of their product.

“Their regular visit causes great inconvenience to patients and their attendants from remote areas of the province, in addition to hampering routine examinations in hospitals.”

In order to provide timely healthcare facilities for patients inside and outside and due to other real issues facing patients, the entry of pharmaceutical representatives was immediately prohibited.

“If a representative of a medical company was found on hospital premises and violated, the {order} would be turned over to the police. An FIR will also be filed if anyone is found guilty of violating the order,” MS, Sandeman Provincial Hospital Quetta further emphasized.