Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. – Notice regarding the establishment of Michiteku Co., Ltd.

Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President and CEO: Gyo Sagara; “ONO”) today announced the establishment of michiteku Co., Ltd. (michiteku) as a 100% subsidiary on November 16which is used to process and provide information as a primary activity in the field of health.

Object of the establishment

ONO has focused on the physical, mental and psychological problems of cancer patients that cannot be solved by drugs in the field of oncology. In order to solve the burden of cancer patients and social problems, the ONO determined that it would be important to engage in treatment and information provision services in the field of health. In order to provide such services to the greatest number of cancer patients and their families while making the most of our accumulated experience and know-how in research and development (R&D) in the fields of oncology and of immunology, we created a subsidiary to promote new businesses in an organization independent of the R&D and marketing divisions of pharmaceutical products.

Michiteku will be committed to solving social issues surrounding cancer patients by developing treatment services and providing health information.

Future prospects

The impact of this case on the Company’s results of activity for the current financial year would be marginal. Should there be any events to disclose in the future, we will announce them in a timely manner.


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