Pakistan. Standoff Between Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Drug Regulator Could Lead to Drug Shortages | India is blooming

Karachi, Pakistan: Pakistan could witness a drug shortage as a standoff between pharmaceutical manufacturers and the drug regulator threatens to turn into a crisis after a decision was made by local companies to stop production of several drugs.

A list of around 40 different drugs, compiled by medical professionals from major public and private hospitals, seen by The Dawn, says several locally made tablets, syrups, injections and ointments or drops are no longer available.

A senior pharmacist who was part of the team that compiled the list for authorities in July told The Dawn that these drugs include prescriptions for several conditions.

“It doesn’t stop there. Medicines for patients with tuberculosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases are also not available on the market… but I don’t know why this situation has not created a buzz” , he told the newspaper.

Healthcare professionals have already begun to feel the impact of this crisis and are calling for immediate intervention from the authorities. The situation is so grim that some medical professionals Dawn spoke to said the number of products on the list was growing with each passing day.