People Science™ and Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Partner to Develop People-Oriented Tools to Study Real-World Inflammation, Pain, and Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

The partnership uses comprehensive virtual clinical research technology in cutting-edge research to advance the science of pain and inflammation.

LOS ANGELES and HUNTINGTON, NY, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Humanities, a direct-to-consumer scientific research company providing a large-scale R&D platform for alternative medicine, and Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, a drug development company creating new solutions for pain and inflammation, announce today partnered to develop tools for healthcare providers and their patients to track, monitor and understand the effects of treatments on their health in the real world. Using a data-driven, people-driven approach, People Science will develop protocols and workflows, designed in collaboration with experts in opioid use disorders and inflammatory disease states. People Science CHLOE’s proprietary software technology, the consumer health learning and organizing ecosystem, will enable healthcare providers and their patients to track symptoms, outcomes, quality of life, and response to various therapies and approaches. CHLOE is a highly customizable, modular software technology that combines a consumer-facing mobile application with a rigorous, high-quality clinical research platform. People Science will then work with committed clinicians and their patients to prototype the usability and usefulness of this tool in daily clinical and home practice.

“We’re excited to partner with People Science because our missions are right on point with driving advancements that put people at the center of gathering results.” said Jackie Iversen, RPh, MS, co-founder and head of clinical development at Sen-Jam. “The number one reason a person can’t break free from the grip of opioid use is the heartbreaking withdrawal symptoms. We believe our product can drastically reduce these symptoms using a non-opioid, safe and This partnership promises to unleash independent study on a preclinical level for so many who desperately need it.”

More and more attention is being paid to the worsening drug epidemic with both prescription opioids and illicit substitutes. Recently, the American Medical Association published a report who found that barriers to care have worsened in the nation’s drug overdose epidemic, calling on industry stakeholders to take greater action in response. The partnership between People Science and Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is arguably an important step towards this end.

Not only will this approach provide more diverse and relevant data related to real-world interactions and standards of care in the management of inflammatory conditions, but it will also help patients take an active role in tracking their symptoms and journey. towards health and well-being. This partnership reflects People Science and Sen-Jam’s shared vision of empowering individuals to live healthy, happier lives free of pain and stress.

“We are thrilled to support Sen-Jam’s mission as they think so creatively about this difficult societal issue and how to meaningfully engage with those who are hurting the most,” said Belinda TanMD, PhD, co-founder and co-CEO of People Science, “This partnership represents a great use case of how CHLOE can enable a better understanding of how we care for people with pain and disorders. related to the use of opiates.”

Using technology to bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers has become the norm for clinical research, given global quarantine measures and the rapid adoption of telehealth. Patients with inflammatory conditions are well suited to flexible tools that save money, time and energy. CHLOE’s knowledge will be used to further develop the technology so that patients and clinicians discover what works best.

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