Pharmaceutical company opens new facility in Middletown

A new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is coming to Middletown promising hundreds of jobs.

WuXi STA is a contract, research, development and manufacturing organization, and on Tuesday the company opened its new 190-acre pharmaceutical campus in Middletown.

This is the company’s second facility in the United States and will be located in the Middletown business center on Industrial Drive.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer said if the county wants to succeed and prosper economically, increase revenue and create opportunity, bringing in companies like WuXi is a big part of that.

“We need to be a place that develops and manufactures products and services for the world, and that’s another great example,” Meyer said. “WuXi could have chosen anywhere in the United States, anywhere in North America to develop and produce, and they chose not only Delaware but also New Castle County.”

Meyer believes this will help the county succeed by increasing revenue and creating new opportunities.

“We’re proud that they’re building America’s largest facility right here in New Castle County. That means nearly 500 jobs over the next two years, and we believe that, based on what they’re telling us , many more in the years to come, says Meyer.

Phase I of the campus will provide formulation development, clinical and commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing services for oral and injectable dosage forms, packaging, labeling and storage.

It will also provide distribution services for clinical trial materials and commercial pharmaceuticals.

WuXi says the Middletown facility will improve the company’s global drug manufacturing capacity and capabilities. They currently have 12 locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The facility is expected to begin operations in 2025.