Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, the world’s most resourceful drug innovator, looks to private and institutional investors for Series A funding to further advance critical therapeutics

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical uses leading crowdfunding platform, StartEngine, to raise funds to advance its critical therapeutics, flagging them as the world’s most resourceful pharmaceutical company.

HUNTINGTON, NY, October 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, an innovative life sciences company developing a portfolio of breakthrough anti-inflammatories by repurposing existing molecules for a novel combination therapy, today launched its next fundraising round via a community fundraising effort to spur drug development. This next cycle is dedicated to enhancing the value of the portfolio in terms of additional clinical rigor and validation against an estimated total addressable market size of $217 billion worldwide.

The past few months have been groundbreaking for the life sciences startup which is excited about its portfolio of solutions which it sees as “the next generation of anti-inflammatories” aimed at solving some of the greatest unmet health needs in the world. world. Their core assets include RX oral therapy for COVID infections, over-the-counter hangover prevention as well as RX opioid withdrawal solution. They are in an active clinical trial for their COVID solution and just a few months ago secured an impressive strategic partnership deal with chemical manufacturing and controls giant, KVK Tech. Funds raised through these grassroots efforts around the community will further demonstrate this momentum and the company’s values ​​of putting people first to improve the well-being of society.

More recently, the startup has partnered with pioneering companies such as People Science that are helping to democratize personal and professional access to preclinical studies to accelerate access to new solutions for those who need them most. In a recent Press releasePeople Science and Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical announce their partnership on a tool for opioid use disorder (OUD). PharmaNewsIntelligence interviewed Belinda Tanco-founder and co-CEO of People Science, to discuss the platform and its benefits.

At a time when it seems like societal problems, national debt, and rising inflation are beyond our control, Sen-Jam and their strategic partners offer powerful ways for you to get involved and effect much-needed change.

To learn more about the Community Round which is officially kicking off today, head over to their campaign page at Start the engine.

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