The Ministry of Health and the German Embassy launch a center for pharmaceutical innovations and analyzes

Health The Ministry’s Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Dr. Rashid Aman and Deputy Ambassador of the German Embassy in Kenya, Thomas Wimmer, on Friday launched the Center of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Innovations and Analytics and Dual Training professional training for pharmaceutical production specialists at USIU-Africa.

“Today’s celebration demonstrates that the USIU-Africa School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is aware of current, emerging and future market demands by the sector and is innovating to meet them,” said Dr Amman.

Among the initiatives is the launch of a short course on immunization and vaccine management in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya for capacity building of health care providers to improve the safe and effective deployment of vaccines.

The CAS noted that through a multi-agency collaborative effort, USIU-Africa has also initiated the development of a natural product-based supplement which is currently being investigated for application in the care of COVID patients. -19 at home.

“These efforts to help promote quality health care for all are to be applauded,” said CAS.

The 2020 Kenya Pharmaceutical Industry Diagnostic Report commissioned by the IFC World Bank revealed that Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the common market for the Eastern and Southern Africa region. Despite this, Kenya imports about 70% of its pharmaceutical needs.

Dr. Aman observed that the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in Kenya are known and recommended that the cost of production, taxation and regulatory regimes should be reviewed and addressed to give competitive advantage to local manufacturing.

The CAS said the government is committed to instituting and enforcing supportive legal, policy and regulatory frameworks to create an enabling environment for pharmaceutical manufacturing to flourish.

Dr. Aman further noted that the Ministry of Health has developed a National Pharmaceutical Development Strategy to promote local production, research and innovation of essential health products and technologies.

“The policy proposals of this strategy align with national industrialization policy and regional and international efforts to increase access to quality and affordable essential HPT,” he noted.

The CAS said the ministry is open to public-private partnerships that will advance collective efforts not only in the fight against covid-19 and future pandemics, but also to ensure that Kenyans have access to medicines and vaccines. high quality and affordable.