Twitter verification trolls targeted pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, falsely announcing ‘insulin is free’ before claiming it would cost $400 per vial

Both accounts impersonated Eli Lilly and Company, which launched the world’s first commercially available insulin product – a necessity for people with diabetes. According to FortuneHumalog insulin is Eli Lilly’s main revenue driver.

On Thursday, an account with the username “EliLillyandCo” tweeted: “We are delighted to announce that insulin is now free.”

Its blue tick made the account official, as it previously marked accounts as legit before Elon Musk allowed users to purchase one for an $8 Twitter Blue monthly subscription.

The fake tweet got around 11,000 likes before the impersonator was suspended.

The real company then apologized for the “misleading message of a fake Lilly account” and added that users should only trust the “LillyPad” account. The Twitter font also means trolls can use a capital I instead of a lowercase L to appear similar.

Another troll added to the confusion by verifying the “LillyPadCo” account and similarly apologizing for the previous impersonator, using the same wording and claiming it was the official account.

The second suitor added, “Humalog is now $400. We can do it whenever we want and there’s nothing you can do about it. Suck it.”

A congressional investigation released last December found that several companies were able to “get away with outrageous pricing and anti-competitive behavior” because Medicare is not allowed to negotiate lower prices. hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli achieves infamy in 2015 when he raised the price of an antiparasitic drug from $13.50 to $750.

Eli Lilly told Insider it was “in conversations with Twitter